You can compile the structure of a catalog or a price list using the Catalog Assistant. Thereby no programming is necessary. The catalog designer can click a catalog together level for level and define the entire structure. He also defines,

  • which data should be shown in table cells and rows and
  • which should be represented as lists
  • or which should appear as text only,
  • when new chapters and subchapters should be created.

Style names are assigned to each new element.

Rules in the Structure-Builder
Layout elements like tables, lists, etc. can be manipulated with if-then-rules. For example tables with more than 5 rows can be represented rotated or otherwise in a different way. An appropriate inventory of operations is available for all types of layout elements.

Templates for catalogs are created in the Template-Editor. You can design them freely with logos, fixed texts and much more.

For a catalog structure you can then create the correct styles in the Template-Editor. For each template a catalog can look quite different. The Template-Editor allows working like a normal design program.

A catalog structure with rule set is added to a finished template and you can start production.