Next to the comfortable “finished” connectors with PIM or other editorial systems, XML files can be transferred directly to the LA. There are different methods of doing this.

Loose Coupling

With the LA Publisher Client XML files can be picked and processed just with a file open dialog. They are sent directly to the LA Server and the production takes place like from an editorial system then. The result can be seen inside the Publisher once it has been produced. The LA Publisher can also be started from outside just by a batch call in order to start mass productions and can be attached to new content providing systems.

Full Integration

For software developers we offer two methods to integrate the LA completely into a third party software.

Using the LA http API a developer can directly give calls to the LA server. The API is rich and covers all kind of control over the Engine.

For JAVA we offer a library which covers the typical actions a user will take including mass operations. Using that library a JAVA developer can build complex applications for document production in a few days.