The Content Store is an archive system for documents. The Content Store consists of:

CS Manager Client

  • Management functions
  • Data transfer
  • And all other standard functions
  • For managers, admin users, reviewers and readers

Content Store Server

  • Archive units
  • Versions
  • Documents
  • User groups and permissions

CS Web Client

  • Search
  • Download/upload
  • Assign
  • For reviewers and readers


Content Store is based on the following concepts:

Archive units

Content Store contains archive units. They look like folders and group documents together.

An archive unit can contain just one document or multiple documents. Archive units are therefore a type of project folder.

Users can enter documents into a shared archive unit if the documents also need to be approved, published, searched for and version-managed at the same time

Creating archive units using Excel

Manually populating the archive system can be carried out most easily using Excel. Users simply enter the archive unit names and their metadata into an Excel sheet. The user then transfers the Excel sheet to the CS Manager Client as a CSV file to automatically create the archive units. Then they can drag and drop the files from the file system directly into the corresponding working versions.

Archive units and versions

An archive unit also contains the most recent working version and any number of published versions. Published versions are frozen. They can no longer be changed.

Displaying versions

The owner of an archive unit can define who can view and access their versions.

Review of archive units

The latest working version of an archive unit is either in progress or in review. If it has been assigned to a user for review, this user cannot change the files it contains. Instead they can carry out the review by adding comments and attaching commented copies of the files to the versions.