Review InDesign files in your browser.




The portamis TOR system can do this -

coupled with SDL and globalReview.

Explained here.


Layout textbooks automatically from XML.



We do that!

Read more here!

IDML Compare Tool.




Quickly compare changed IDML files and

list all changes: pages, frames, styles.

Produce sophisticated advertising publications highly efficiently with partial or full automation.




Depending on whether corporate design or

creativity is required - the right technology

is available here at portamis.

Data sheets, operating instructions from XML to PDF.




The portamis Layout Engine can be used

with different content management systems.

Sophisticated web systems with online editors, , PDF sheets.


We use our Java/XML/Web know-how to build

refined systems and research prototypes, such as

RoboFill4.0 from the TU Munich / Weihenstephan.


InDesign to HTML for help and more.

The TOR system produces high-quality HTML

from InDesign.


Automatic test procedures for complex Java systems.


Created and continuously developed in projects

in the German automotive industry to test

large web systems.